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What is Digital Marketing? – And What does it Comprise?

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What is Digital Marketing? – And What does it Comprise?

Digital Marketing – a quite common term for business people and the one who holds a website. Digital Marketing is a way of marketing for your Online/Offline business that helps you to grow. About 90% of the future completely relies on Digital business. So, it’s always better to go digital and beat the competition.

Why Digital Marketing in 2018?

As stated earlier, digital marketing is growing at a rapid rate. So, you also have to grow your business digitally to boost the conversions. In Traditional marketing you need to spend lot of time and money, whereas digital marketing saves your money and time by identifying the right audience for your business. You can engage more with your customers by interacting with them online. The only thing is, you need to have a marketing budget and plan before you crank up digital marketing.

Executable Digital Marketing Types:

The following are some of the actionable digital marketing types from which you can yield many business benefits.

1) Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to boost your website’s traffic organically. All you need to do is, you must have patience to witness the results. There are three techniques in SEO, but the safest and approved among those three is White Hat SEO. The ultimate aim of SEO is to build authority to the website, improve conversions, gain visibility, and build good relationships – all in a structured and rightful way.

2) Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is same as SEO, but the difference here would be immediate results and you will have to pay search engine for your ads. Initially SEM enclosed both SEO as well as other paid activities. The ultimate aim of both SEO and SEM is to bring more visitors to website and increase it’s visibility in search engine results pages. In SEM, you need to pay search engines for each click and the pay happens only if your ad is being clicked.

3) Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is more or less equal to SEM, but the marketing happens via social media channels. You can create ads in some of the famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Among all these channels, facebook ads dominate the social media marketing and it is the best way to improve your conversions, traffic etc.  Apart from facebook, the other powerful platform for marketing is Pinterest / Instagram if done right. With these two, you can boost your promotions.

4) Content Marketing:

Have a great content that needs attention? Then probably you need to market your content to increase it’s popularity. Content Marketing is the best way to promote your content online, by doing this you can build some good authoritative links for your content. The bonus point here is, you can get a chance to contribute for other sites as well. You can become an author and reach fame. Sounds cool isn’t? Then walk your hands on the keyboard. But, an important thing here is, you should write content in the right blog than irrelevant blogs.

Content Marketing

5) Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a performance based marketing in which you will review or talk about other products. So what do you reap from this? If a person buys the product through your review, then you will get a commission from the website that sells the products. This will definitely work a way better.

6) Website Marketing:

Website marketing? Now, what’s this?

Website marketing is a way of combining all the above mentioned techniques for your website. It’s an umbrella term used to include all/ any of the above techniques.


Digital Marketing is an amazing way to provide best results for your website and it gains you more conversions. All you need to do is create an aggressive plan for marketing. See you soon in our next post, Stay Connected.

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