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What is SEO? – A Major Breakthrough in 2018!

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What is SEO? - A Major Breakthrough in 2017!

What is SEO? – A Major Breakthrough in 2018!

Search Engine Optimization which is simply abbreviated as SEO is an execution of website’s traffic with quantity and caliber. We simply call SEO as 70% Science and 30% Art. It’s an important factor for online business because; people spend more time online than offline. So, when the online users are increasing to a greater extent, the business becomes more daunting as the competitors grow equally.
So, it is always a good habit to keep an eye on your online competitors and grow with the market. On the other hand, you should do extensive market research and understand the search engines as well. If you try to fool the search engine, especially Google, then you can safely land yourself in trouble. So, don’t ever try to cheat the search engines. Organic SEO works very well, but you need to be little patient to witness the results.
SEO is classified into two major types. They are:
1) On-Page SEO
2) Off-Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO?

As we mentioned earlier, SEO is 70% Science and 30% Art, the On-Page SEO belongs to the science part. Both won’t bore you as they are really interesting. On-Page deals with your webpage activities. They are:
1) Keyword Research
2) Meta title and description
3) Content
4) URL Structure
5) Internal and External Linking
6) Siloing
7) Page load time
8) Image Optimization

What is Off-Page SEO?

The 30% Art part belongs to Off-page SEO. In simple terms, Off-page deals with the activities beyond the webpage. They are also equally important to On-Page. Some of the Off-page activities are:
1) Social Media Engagement
2) Guest Post
3) Influential Outreach
4) Roundup Posts
5) Blog/Forum Commenting
6) Infographic Link Building
7) Email Marketing

SEO Techniques:

1) Black Hat:

Black Hat is an illegal way of doing SEO. Cloaking, keyword stuffing, Hidden text etc are some of the black hat techniques followed by some people. This is definitely not a good way of doing SEO.

2) White Hat:

White Hat is the legal way of doing SEO. This technique obeys the protocols of search engines. Guest Post, Keyword Research, Resource Page etc are few examples of White Hat SEO.

3) Grey Hat:

Grey Hat uses some techniques of Black Hat, but it is neither a Black Hat nor a White Hat. Cloaking, Purchasing old domains, buying links etc are some of the commonly used Grey Hat techniques.
Read more about these techniques in our Black Hat SEO vs. White Hat SEO article.

Top 5 Salient SEO Tips:

1) Concentrate On Content:

The quality of your content defines the performance of your site. Write content for humans and not for search engines. Make your content clear, crisp and catchy, so maintain these three ‘Cs’ always. Research on the most interesting topics in your niche and work on them. Don’t complicate your content by adding unnecessary topics/links.

2) Spy on your Competitors:

It’s always a good habit to watch out your competitors. Maybe you might be ruling the business, but you can’t predict how long you’ll be in the limelight. So, you need to have a look at the small business as well because they are the ones who come up with innovation. So, analyze all the competitors in your business.

3) Pick the Best Keywords:

Though you create a quality content, you still need to include the target keywords in your content to rank even better. So, make keyword research as your number one priority and don’t forget to include them in your title and descriptive tags. LSI Keywords, Long tail keywords also play an important role, so include them as well.

4) Link Building:

Build links to boost your Domain Authority, Page Authority, establish good relationships with other sites. There are many ways to build links, but see that you don’t build links to spam blogs. Building good links will actually boost your website traffic and search engine rankings.

5) Site Audit/Site Speed:

The most important factors for SEO are site audit and speed of the site. You need to conduct regular audits on your site to check the performance, opportunities, and challenges of your site. Site speed is also a vital thing for your SEO performance. If your page load time exceeds more than 3 seconds, then your conversion rate will be lower. So, don’t add unnecessary characters to your code.

Benefits of SEO:
1) Low Cost
2) Good ROI
3) Improves Organic Traffic
4) Boosts Authority
5) Establishes stable relationships

Final Thoughts:

SEO will work very well if you don’t boycott the protocols of search engines. See you soon in our next post, Stay Connected.

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