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Keyword Research for Beginners- Ultimate Resource in 2018!

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Keyword Research for Beginners- Ultimate Resource in 2018!

Keyword Research for Beginners- Ultimate Resource in 2018!

What is a Keyword?

A Keyword is simply a phrase or a term that you search on Google. But, is it important to perform
keyword Research? The answer is yes, if you want to rank better on Google, then it’s definitely
mandatory to perform Keyword Research. It is one of the important factors for On Page SEO.

Where to include your Keywords?

There are many places to include your keywords. You can include them in your Title, Meta
description, Content, Alt attributes, Link text etc. But, see to that you don’t repeat the keywords
many times in your content as Google will consider it as spam and penalize your content. Create
content for Humans and not Search Engines. Make your content precise and easy to learn. Include
keywords in the places where they are actually needed.

What are the factors to be considered for Keyword Research?

There are some basic concepts to be known for doing Keyword Research. They are:

1) Search Volume:

Keyword Search Volume is something that you need to consider while looking up for keywords. It is
the number of searches for a particular keyword per month. So, before you fix a keyword, look for
it’s search volume.

2) Keyword Difficulty:

Finding a Keyword with decent search volume is a good step, but you need to check for the difficulty
of that keyword (i.e.) the chance of getting ranked. Don’t go for the keywords with high competition
because, you won’t be able to improve the visibility much easily.

3) Location:

Location based keyword targeting is another important factor that you need to consider. Say for
example, you have an ecommerce website in Chennai and you want to improve sales in the same
location. In this scenario, you need to target keywords for Chennai alone and it’s waste of time and
money to target keywords for any other location than Chennai. If you have sales in multiple
locations, then you can target keywords for those locations as well.

4) Long Tail Keywords:

Long Tail Keywords are nothing but keywords with more than one term. Mostly these keywords will
have three or more terms. It’s not always that you’ll rank for keywords with one or two words.
Usually the user will search for keywords with more than one term so that he/she can find the
desired result.
Say for example, you own a fitness website and provide fitness related information. In this case, the
user might search like ” Benefits of doing workout, what is the best fitness regime, How to start a
workout routine.” So, you have to include long tail keywords for better results.

5) Competitor Analysis:

Well, this is the utmost thing you need to concentrate on. It’s always better to keep an eye on what
your competitors are doing. This is applicable for offline business too. This is not to copy what they
are doing, but to know in which areas you lag.

Competitor Analysis

6) Trending Idea:

Go with the trending topics and do a deep research on the trending keywords and include them in
your content. This might sound crazy, but it is interesting to try.

Top 5 Tools for Keyword Research:

1) Google Keyword Planner
2) Moz’s Keyword Explorer
3) KWfinder
4) SEMrush
5) Ahrefs

Benefits Of Keyword Research:

1) Increased Conversions
2) Better Ranking on SERP
3) Wiser Money Investment
4) Better Brand Awareness
5) Improved Online Traffic


Hopefully, this article would’ve given you some idea on basic keyword research. As you’ve probably
read through, it’s not very complicated, anyone who is yet to start with keyword research can follow
these actionable steps easily. See You Soon with our next post, Stay Connected.

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