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Effortless Link Building – SEO Hacks in 2018!

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Effortless Link Building – SEO Hacks in 2018!

Why SEO Link Building?

This might be a common question for beginners who start with SEO. Okay, let us put it like this, why do you build links in general? Link building is an effective way to boost your product/service; the same is applicable to SEO as well. We build links to get ranked better at Google Search Engine Result Pages, gain search/social visibility, for better conversions etc.

How to build links?

Link building is one of the challenging tasks that you’ll do for ranking your website. There are several types of link building techniques, but in this article, let’s focus on some of the effortless link building techniques.

1) Content is “The King”:

We can very well predict from the title that your content plays a dominant role in building links. No one will link if your content is not good enough. So, create a content that seeks attention and make people to link your content. Before creating content, do proper keyword research.

2) Guest Post:

What is a Guest Post?

A guest post is something that you write for other blogs. So, what do you gain by doing that? You can get dofollow links from their sites and with the help of some dofollow links; you can boost the domain authority of your site. Sounds interesting right? Then you have to approach some Medium/high quality sites to get some good links. But, see to that you don’t build too many links on a single site.

3) Influential Outreach: 

This is one of the most loved link building techniques. Influential outreach is more or less similar to guest post, but the only thing is you’ll approach influential authors and contribute guest post on their blogs. Also you can create a good content and convince them to link to your content. This will definitely create a good authority to your site and also the influential authors will have more readers for their blogs and those readers will check your content as well.

4) Expert Roundup Post:

Creating Expert Roundup Posts is definitely a good idea. In this, you need to create an exciting topic, contact some of the experts in your niche and ask them to share their thoughts/tips about the topic that you had created. By doing this, you can easily build links for the roundup post and drive more traffic. The plus point here is, you can ask the experts to add the content on their sites. This not only improves the traffic, but you can boost the domain authority of your site.

5) Resource Page Link Building:

Resource page link building is another good technique to work on. All you need to do is create an ultimate page with good information, in other words, it’s like a power page. Once you are done with the creation process, you need to share it with your audience and also the other high quality blogs and build links.

6) Infographic Link Building:

People say that this technique is outdated. But, it is not, infographics still have their unique value. In fact, they convey things precisely through graphics. Do proper content research and then include them in the graphic, make things crystal clear, don’t create chaos with the graphics. Market them via email and build links.

7) Broken Link Building:

Broken Link Building is one of the most effective white hat link building strategies, but you need to have patience to do this. It’s the process of identifying broken links and replacing them with your content. This might sound easy, but the process takes little time. It’s bit challenging as your content plays a vital role here. The websites will accept your content only if it suits them. To do this process, we would suggest you to use a Google Chrome extension called “Check My Links.”

8) Link Reclamation:

What if your brand got mentioned on another site without being linked? This is where Link Reclamation comes into picture. This is a process of identifying the sites that haven’t linked your brand and then asking them to link so that their readers might it helpful. It gives value to your site, so don’t leave this as such. You can use a tool called “Rank Tank” to find out the mentions of your site.

9) Blog/Forum Commenting:

This is an old link building technique which is almost outdated; this is one of the suppositions that people have. Most of the blog commenting sites are made nofollow, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t post comments or create threads. Nofollow links do have some benefits. So, never stop this process.

Benefits Of Link Building:

1) Improves the Domain Authority

2) Brand Recognition

3) Establishes new connections

4) Gets you referral traffic

5)  Boosts your backlink profile

 This article would’ve removed your link building chaos. Plan perfectly and build links accurately. See you soon with our next post, Stay connected.

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