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Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO: Which do you need in 2018?

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Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO: Which do you need in 2018?

What is Black Hat SEO?

It’s a technique where you will play mind games with Google thinking that you are playing a safe game, but you are not. The main thing here is it is risky to cheat Google. This technique is one among them, you can witness quick results, but those are temporary results.

Let’s illustrate this with an example: A school going kid gets failed in one of his/her exams, but the kid hid about his/her marks to the parents. But, he/she can’t sustain this for a long time as there is something called Parents-Teachers meeting. In that meeting, the teacher will tell about the kid’s performance. At that time, the kid will get caught.
In the above example, you have to assume the kid as Black Hat and Parents-Teachers meeting as Google Updates.

What are the Black Hat techniques?

The following are the commonly used Black Hat techniques.

Keyword Stuffing

1) Keyword Stuffing:

As the name suggests, keyword stuffing is an SEO technique in which a webpage will be stuffed with more keywords. It’s not good to use keywords beyond the threshold level. There is a limit to use keywords in the content. It’s an unethical SEO technique which shouldn’t be followed.

2) Cloaking:

Cloaking is the process in which the content presented to the user will be different from the content presented to the search engine. The content will be delivered based on the IP addresses or the user agent HTTP header.

3) Hidden Text:

Hidden text is something that the visitors can’t see, but it is readable by the search engine. This technique is considered as spam. So, it’s better not to hide any text from the user.

4) Paid Links:

It is the way in which you’ll buy links from the other websites to improve link count and ranking. This is not a good way of doing SEO, keep your links natural.

5) Unrelated Keywords:

It’s very well to predict from the title that usage of unwanted keywords should be avoided.
E.g. Your Main Keyword: Workout.
You shouldn’t use pet shop instead of a workout.

6) Link Farm:

This is an ultimate way of doing black hat. It is a way in which a group of websites will link to each other. Mostly this will be done by some automated programs. Link farming is a way of spamming the index of the search engine.

7) Doorway Page:

The commonly used spamming technique is doorway page. Well, a doorway page is something that redirects you to an irrelevant page than the one mentioned in the link.

8) Spam Blog:

There is no perplex-ion with this; Spam Blog is a very common way of spamming. They have many links pointing to one particular site, contains irrelevant/stupid texts.

Gray Hat SEO:

Oh, wait a minute! What is this? Gray Hat SEO is somewhere in the middle of Black hat and White hat, in other words, it is neither a black hat nor a white hat. If you are not clear about what you are doing, then gray hat might be hazardous. Some people use a Gray hat, but the best ones don’t use it. This technique helps you like how black hat does, but this process won’t work for long term. Once you get caught, then you have to restart the SEO race and this will definitely consume a lot of time.

Some of the Gray Hat Techniques include:
1) Cloaking
2) Duplicating content
3) Acquiring Old Domain
4) Buying Links
5) Automation for social media to buy followers
6) Placing too many share buttons

So, what is White Hat SEO?

Everything else is White Hat SEO. Sounds funny innit? White Hat SEO is contrary to Black Hat SEO, which means you won’t do anything against search engine’s protocols. Some of our favorite White Hat link building techniques are:
1) Guest Post
2) Influential Outreach
3) Expert Roundup Post
4) Link Reclamation
5) Broken Link Building
6) Resource Page Link Building
7) Infographic Link Building
8) Blog/Forum Commenting

white hat

Disadvantages of Black Hat SEO:

1) Getting penalized by Google
2) Keeps you on the top for few days, once detected, it won’t hesitate you to put you down
3) Your efforts will be wasted
4) Risk factor will be high

Benefits of White Hat SEO:

1) Less money
2) Builds good relationships
3) Very lower risk
4) They are real
5) Safe business

Benefits of White Hat SEO

Let’s Sum It Up:

Black Hat SEO will help you till you get noticed by Google, but once noted, even God can’t save your site from Google. So, it’s always better to go with White Hat SEO. Think wisely, work briskly. See you soon with our next post, Stay connected.

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